Welcome to Maria Azul

Maria Azul is a project that was born by two desirable parents who were wonder to see their "baby" come out. How are the roots in creating a series Blue Maria, which consists of the sale of materials related to cyanotype - an alternative printing process dating back to the nineteenth century.


Make it different, make it blue.
Taking into account the rapid technological advances in the area of ​​image, namely in photography, this project brings the most artisan, creative and freest side in us and to revive this already archaic but fun technique that can still be used in the nowadays.

We create starter kits for cyanotypy so you can express your creativity at ease without leaving home. We also provide some accessory material for the realization of the same, as well as the possibility of participating in workshops. Maria is still a baby but we expect her to grow up healthy and fast.


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